Testimonial from the Andersons and Caseys

Relating to: The Millbrook Estate Project

"As two families, building this holiday home, we wanted a mirror image type effect, with body sides having an equal number of rooms.  We needed a central living area with a large open entertaining area, (mainly the kitchen/dining area), big rooms and kids area away from the main living space.  Another must, at the males insistence, was place for a wine cellar.  We also wanted a nice large decking to take in all the beautiful surroundings.

Our builder Mike O'Neil came up with the perfect design, with clean cut lines that really worked well, with the lay of our landscape, but also met all our needs.  He gave us loads of ideas which we had not thought of, like the balconies off each master room, that flow into the main decking in the font of the house.  Mike managed to fit in a lovely big room for the kids, under the main living area, giving the adults some more space on the first floor.

The house is open, spacious, clean cut with a feel of grandeur about it.  The colour tones used are all natural hues to help to blend in with the environment.  Quality fittings were chosen throughout to create a quality home.

We are extremely pleased with the results.  All our needs have been met and exceeded.  We find we are very relaxed and at peace in our new house and we love it."

- Anthony and Gaby Anderson
- Mark and Cara Casey