sustainability solar panels

W.A. leads the way by showing great leadership in environmentally responsible and sustainable construction methods within the building industry, and being a “Greensmart” accredited building company, we are committed to build the HIA Greensmart way.

“Greensmart” is a registered brand of the HIA, an industry driven program that aims to encourage the benefits of environmentally responsible housing.


By building the Greensmart way, not only is it practical and simple, it also generates many benefits for the home owner and builder.

  • Lower construction costs through reduced waste and efficient use of materials,
  • Lower home running costs for the home owner,

Environment benefits

  • Reduced greenhouse emissions
  • reduced water consumption
  • Less construction waste, leading to less landfill
  • Avoiding the use of non-renewable materials

Benefits to clients and the community

  • Increased level of personal comfort in their homes
  • Community participation in working together towards environmental solutions
  • Cleaner indoor quality to create a healthier home
  • Great re-sale value

We are passionate when assisting our clients with the building design of their new home, especially the orientation of the home, as this can increase the energy and thermal efficiency of the home, reducing heating and cooling energy costs, which will create a more pleasant environment within the home in harmony with mother nature.